Welcome to the OkiJET website!

The last major update was in 2015, so please be patient as the new OkiJET webteam updates the website for the 2018–2019 year. There’s a lot of old information being edited and a lot of new information being added, but if you have any questions or suggestions for the website, please email: 4okinawajet@gmail.com

If you’re interested in OkiAJET, a volunteer group of Okinawa JETs who plan and put on island-wide events for the Okinawa JET community, you can find their homepage here: OkiAJET. They will also manage updates regarding CLAIR, JET, and OkiJET events.

Thank you!

The OkiJET Webteam

For more information on the JET Programme, visit the official JET Programme Website.