Okinawa is a very unique prefecture. While it is definitely still Japan, it also differs from the rest of the country in many ways. As a result, the lifestyle in Okinawa has its own set of challenges and rewards. For example, there is no train system—no subway or bullet trains to get around. Most people living in Okinawa drive a car or ride motorcycles and scooters around. Buses, ferries, and flights are key to Okinawan life.

Then there’s also the wonderful fact that Okinawa is the only tropical prefecture in the country. The beaches are beautiful and the island is always a lush green. But the humidity can get unbearable! And the typhoons aren’t always that great either.

The list goes on, but OkiJET has prepared what we think is some useful information for both incoming JETs and JETs currently living in our unique (Ryukyu) kingdom.

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