The Block System is a social support network. It was created in response to a need for local social support in regions far from Naha City (where the PA Support System is based). Okinawa is divided into 8 “blocks”, which are each headed by a volunteer “Blockhead” from the JET community. The Blockhead helps both Muni and Ken JETs settle into their area by organizing social events and providing information on local daily life (e.g. places to go, where the nearest supermarket is, etc). Blockheads are not responsible for helping with work-related issues.

Block Map with Labels

Blockheads 2019/2020

Block 1: The North (Nago, Kunigami), Maria Labatos
Block 2: Upper Chubu (Okinawa City, Uruma, Yomitan), Joshua Pohl
Block 3: Lower Chubu (Urasoe, Nishihara, Ginowan), Cheyenne Vaughn
Block 4: Naha, Emma Hollis

Block 5: The South (Itoman, Nanjo, Yonabaru), Hatty Gardner
Block 6: The Outer Islands (Iheya, Izena, Ie, Kume, the Keramas, and the Daitos), Nadine Lindskog
Block 7: Miyako, Kiana Headland
Block 8: Ishigaki/Yaeyama, Cian Smith