Naha International Airport (airport code OKA), located in its namesake in the capital city, is an OkiJET’s only real means of air transport. However, with its lack of trains and sometimes-unreliable public transport, getting to this lone airport can be something of a logistical nightmare. Collected here are every current known method of getting to the airport and, just as importantly, getting back.

Naha Airport Address:
150 Kagamizu, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan ‎

Method 1: By Car

If you happen to live on the main island itself, you have the option of driving to the airport, easily the most convenient. However, car storage is the price you’ll have to pay, unless you have a friend willing to drive you down and pick you up.

Parking at the Airport
Parking is available at the airport, but is very limited and as such has a good chance of being full. The parking structures in front of both the Domestic and International terminals (the multilevel garages, not the un-covered lots!) charge ¥1000 per day, which may be fine in the short term but quickly adds up. If your trip is more than a weekend, you may want to consider the following alternative.

Honest Naha Airport Parking Service (098-891-8670)
Honest Parking Service is a car storage facility located less than five minutes from the airport proper, and is an excellent (and much cheaper) way to store your car during your trip. Prices slide depending on length of stay.

Call ahead to make a reservation (three days early is preferred, more during peak seasons), and they will ask for your flight numbers and departure dates. They will tell you which ‘departures’ gate to park at the day of your flight, where an attendant will be waiting for you. They will have you sign some papers and have you pay ahead of time, then hand you a receipt and take your keys.

When you return, give them a call at baggage claim. They will have your car waiting for you (often washed, free of charge) at the arrivals stop they direct you to. The staff are pleasant, timely, and speak excellent English.

Prices (August 2013)
3 nights / 4 days ¥2800
6 night / 7 days ¥4500
9 night / 10 days ¥6000
18 days – 1 month ¥10000

Method 2: By Bus

The bus may be the longest and least convenient method of transport (especially with luggage, or during rush hour!), but it is easily the cheapest. Many bus lines are connected to the Naha Bus Terminal (那覇バスタミナール), and their time tables will be listed on their respective websites. Simply find the nearest stop to your house, look up the bus number, and check the stops.

These website, in particular, is extremely helpful in looking up which bus lines and routes service your local stop. Though it’s entirely in Japanese, the only kanji you need to be able to recognize are your city name and bus stop. Please note that it doesn’t provide timetables – you’ll need to look those up on the company websites.

Okinawa Bus Stop Lookup Service (Japanese)
Toyobus (Japanese)
Okinawa Bus (Japanese)
Bus Kotsu Airport Area Service Map (English)

Once you have reached the bus terminal, you can either continue on to the Airport bus station (Naha Kūkō Kokunaisen 那覇空港国内線) or take the monorail (often the faster option) as explained below.

Method 3: By Monorail

The Naha Monorail, in a stroke of brilliant urban planning, has a station that deposits you directly in front of the main airport terminal. The name to look for is Naha Kūkō Eki (那覇空港駅) on the timetables. Even more conveniently, the Naha Bus Terminal is directly beside Asahibashi (旭橋駅) station. Trains run from 6am to shortly after 11pm every day, and tend to come every 10-15 minutes.

If you live or will be in the Naha area, all monorail stations are brightly labeled with monorail icons on Google Maps, and you can easily find the nearest one.

Naha Monorail Website (Japanese only)
Station Timetables

Method 4: By Taxi

This is, by far, the most expensive method of travel. A one-way trip from the Kadena area to Naha starts at ¥5000, and from Nago to Naha starts at ¥22000. If, however, you live reasonably close or are traveling in a group, the fare may be infinitely more manageable.

Okito Taxi 098-946-5005 (English Spoken)
Meiho Taxi 098-937-2467 (English Spoken)
Sanyo Taxi 098-898-7027 (Japanese Only)
Futaba Taxi 098-898-2028 (Japanese Only)
Toho Taxi 098-936-6393 (Japanese Only)

Method 5: By Ferry

If you are on an outer island, you will first need to trek to the Okinawa mainland, either the day of or the day before your travel.

The following islands have airports:

Aguni Ishigaki Minamidaito
Fukaji Kitadaito Miyakojima
Iejima Kumejima Yonaguni

Many outer islands also have local ferries to the main island, usually at either the northern or southern points. The southern port, Tomari Wharf (or ‘Tomarin’), is a five-minute walk from the Miebashi (美栄橋駅) monorail station.