During your stay in Okinawa, please feel free to discuss your concerns with your colleagues, supervisors, and other JETs. If you feel the need to reach out for any type of counseling or support, please look at our current list of resources below. It will be updated as we get more information. If you have or need any additional resources, please contact either one of the PAs at kenchopa@pref.okinawa.lg.jp or eigoken-cir@pref.okinawa.lg.jp

AJET Peer Support Group

Phone: (050) 5534-5566
Skype username: AJETPSG
Hours: 20:00–7:00 daily
These are JET volunteers who provide toll-free information, medical referrals and some counseling. It is completely confidential and anonymous.

  • The operating hours remain the same: 20:00–07:00, every night of the year.
  • PSG is there for anything from figuring out a confusing rice cooker to serious culture shock and more serious emergencies.
  • You’ll need to add the “AJETPSG” to your contacts in order to call it, but PSG will never add you back.
  • All calls are completely confidential, and call records are deleted each evening.
  • This is still a new service, and despite our best efforts technical glitches may occur. It may take a few moments to connect, and please keep trying if you’re unsuccessful.
  • Finally, if you’d like a greater level of anonymity, or Skype isn’t working for you, the PSG phone line is still available at (050) 5534-5566.

Japan Helpline

Phone: (0120) 461-997
Phone: (0570) 000-911
Website: http://www.jhelp.com

Call 24 hours a day, from anywhere about anything, from a simple question to natural disaster emergency assistance.

Ryukyu University Psychology Department

Phone: (098) 895-3331

English-speaking psychologists and psychotherapists are available here for professional consultation and counseling on an appointment basis.

CLAIR Information Desk

Phone: (03) 5213-1733
Email: gyomu@clair.or.jp
Hours: 9:00–17:45 (Monday–Friday)

The CLAIR Information Desk is run by JET Programme Coordinators (PC). PCs are all former JETs. They can be contacted by your contracting organization or host prefecture for consultation or assistance in finding professional counseling.

IMHPJ: International Mental Health Professionals-Japan

Website: www.imhpj.org

This site lists directory of mentail health therapists in Japan.

Japanese Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists

Website: http://www.jsccp.jp/

TELL (Tokyo English Life Line)

Phone: (03) 5774-0992
Hours: 9:00–23:00 daily
Website: http://www.telljp.com/

TELL is a free, anonymous telephone counseling service offered all year long. This is a non-JET related service. They are trained volunteers who can offer counseling and support. Please visit their webiste for more information.