JET Program participants in Okinawa have many systems for support from local-level peer support to professional counseling resources.  The drop-down menu in the “Support” section of the OkiJET homepage contains information regarding each of these outlets.

1)  The Regional Support System is the official flagship for JET support in Okinawa.  Created by the Okinawa Board of Education, the Regional Support System exists to provide support in work and ALT-related matters.  In addition to the Ken Prefectural Advisor (PA) and the Municipal PA, many of your fellow JETs have volunteered their time and expertise to provide specialized or regional support for both Ken and Muni JETs.

2)  The Block System was created to provide local social support to JET participants who find themselves located far away from the Regional Support System and PAs in Naha.  Okinawa’s 8 blocks and their corresponding volunteer “Blockheads” provide information on their respective area, daily life, etc.

3)  When professional counseling services are required, JET participants can refer to the OkiJET homepage’s comprehensive list of counseling resources available to JETs, including the AJET Peer Support Group, the Japan Helpline, the CLAIR Information Desk, and so on.

4)  Finally, we have included a section on “Advice from Former JETs.”  The name says it all, and the article contains candid, anonymous opinions and advice from former JETs.