At the end of the contract year, all current OkiJETs (both ALTs and CIRs) will submit an Annual Report—a one-page (A4 size) report about their life at work and in the community. They are mandatory for all JET participants in Okinawa. The reports are complied and published as a book which is distributed to every JET and their base office or school.

Annual Reports allow JETs to reflect on and create a permanent record of our experience in Okinawa, sort of like a yearbook. The reports are also a way to let co-workers, staff, and the local community learn about the JETs and what we do at each of our schools.

Lesson Plan (For ALTs only; CIRs need not submit a lesson plan.)

The Annual Reports will also include a collection of lesson plans gathered from ALT JETs to provide new ideas and activities to use in the classroom.

Please submit a lesson plan or worksheet that has worked well for you in the past that you would like to share with the JET community. Please keep your lesson plan/worksheet to 1 page and remember to include which level the activity is best suited for.

What is Required in an Annual Report?

Please keep your report to one A4-sized page. Please include at least one picture of yourself in which your face can be clearly seen. You can be as creative as you like, but the reports will be printed in black and white so please keep that in mind when choosing photos.

What to include:

Base institution:
Visiting institution(s):
Number of years on JET:

Most memorable experience at  work:
Most memorable experience outside of  work:
Favorite quote from a local Okinawan (can be from a student):
Thoughts about work:
Favorite places in Okinawa:
Other interests:
Future plans:

※ Pictures: Please make sure that the photos you choose do not contain alcohol or any inappropriate behavior (remember, your BoEs, schools, and teachers will see this!)

※※ Disclaimer from your PAs and CLAIR (IMPORTANT!): If you plan on using photos of students or anyone under the age of 20 where their faces are clearly visible, please be sure to obtain written parental consent before using the photos.  An explanation of how the photos will be used may help ease parents’ concerns.  If you plan on using photos of staff or coworkers, be sure to get their consent as well.  Obtaining permission will be the responsibility of each JET and any photos of students or staff submitted in your report will be interpreted as you having obtained proper permission.