At the 2015 PA Conference, CLAIR announced a new online counseling service. This free counseling service works outside of CLAIR and JET. They offer two types of counseling: Web Mail Counseling and Skype Counseling

Web Mail Counseling is unlimited, although there is an individual thread-post limit so you may need to create multiple threads to continue your counseling discussion.  Skype Counseling is also unlimited, however availability depends on how many people are trying to reserve counseling sessions.  It is recommended to try Web Mail Counseling first.

To access the site you’ll need to register, but the information you enter on the site will not be reported to CLAIR, contracting organizations, or any other third party.  Your location is required for your counselor to better understand your situation.

CLAIR will provide all JETs with the master password and login information to the website. They ask that you do not share this information with any non-JETs or former JETs since it is only for current JET participants. Contact one of your PAs if you have any questions regarding the login procedure.

Web Mail Counseling:
Skype Mail Counseling:

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