CLAIR takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein, nor will they accept responsibility for any financial loss incurred or any legal action taken against anyone (whether or not they are associated with the JET Programme) as a result of information contained in or omitted from this article. Please contact your nearest Social Insurance Office for the most up-to-date details.

All JET participants are covered under four types of insurance:

1. Japan Health Insurance Association-administered Social (Health) Insurance
2. Employee’s Pension Insurance
3. JET Accidental Insurance
4. Employment Insurance


1. Japan Health Insurance Association-administered Social (Health) Insurance

After you arrive at your contracting organization you will be given a blue health card. It is important to hold onto this card because you will need it for any medical visits. Under this insurance, 70% of your medical expenses will be covered for illness and injuries which means you are responsible for the remaining 30%.

Covered Not Covered
Medical Examinations Preventative Medicine
Provisions of Medicines Unnecessary Physical Check-Ups
Emergency Treatment Cosmetic Surgery
In-home Medical Care Unnecessary Dental Check-ups/Cleanings
Hospitalization and Nursing Care Unnecessary Eye Exams
Exams and Check-ups for normal pregnancies

It is mandatory for all JETs to enroll in this insurance policy. The insurance fees are withdrawn from your salary every month you are present in Japan. This means for Group A arrivals, you will be charged for your insurance coverage even for those few days you are present in Japan during July. This also means for Group B arrivals, you will be charged for the entire month of August at the end of your contract even though you are only contracted the first week. Thus all JETs will be charged the same amount.

2. Employee’s Pension Insurance

Enrollment in this policy is also a legal requirement. The Pension Insurance System will provide for you or your family in the event that you are seriously injured or die during the period you are making payments into the policy. After you finish your contract, you are able to apply for a Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment as well as a Tax Refund to receive your pension insurance back. Please see Pension Refund for more details.

3. JET Accidental Insurance

After you arrived in Tokyo, you were given a small booklet and asked to fill out a form regarding this JET Accidental Insurance. This policy covers the treatment of illness and injury in Japan for everything not covered by the Social (Health) Insurance. Basically, this covers the remaining 30% of your medical expenses. This coverage is valid from the day you leave your home for Japan until when you return to your home country (after completing your contract) or April 30/ August 31.

Not Covered
Medical Treatment not recognized by the Social (Health) Insurance Loss/Damage of personal belongings and household effects
Treatment of family members’ illnesses/injuries Treatment for pre-existing illnesses/injuries before coming to Japan
Treatment received overseas for an illness/injury sustained in Japan Dental Treatment
Over-the-counter medicine(s) Treatment received more than 180 days after the start of treatment
Treatment received more than 180 days after an injury caused by an accident


4. Employment Insurance

All foreign nationals (including JET Programme participants) working in Japan must enter the employment insurance program, regardless of nationality. Around ¥17,000–¥20,000 will be deducted from your salary per year.