Typhoon Chaba (台風第18号 taifuu dai jyuu hachi gou) is currently approaching Okinawa from the southeast. Technically it’s still a “tropical depression” but forecasters seems sure it will turn into a typhoon by this weekend. It is expected to pass over Okinawa bringing rain and strong winds around Monday, October 3rd.

Please take all precautions to secure your own safety. Secure or clear your balcony of any loose items or objects that may be blown away by the storm. If you have an outdoor washing machine, find a way to firmly tape/hold the lid down.

Be sure to check in with your coordinators for typhoon procedures regarding school and keep an eye on the news. 1st year JETs, page 25 of your OkiJET Welcome Handbook has more information on how to prepare for a typhoon for your reference.

You can keep track of developments at:


Stay safe everyone!

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