Skills Development Conference 2017

The Skills Development Conference 2017 is upon us. Please see below for the final details.

Registration for Day 1, Thursday, November 16th, will be from 9:30am to 10:30am in the Multi-Purpose Hall (see attached map).  The Opening Ceremony will start at 10:30am.  Do not be late!
Registration for Day 2, Friday, November 17th, will be from 9:00am to 9:20am in the Main Building on the 3rd Floor. (This is for JTEs attending the second day only)

You can also find your workshop assignments here.

2017 SDC Participants 参加者名簿 (Ken)

2017 SDC Participants 参加者名簿 (Muni)

These will be printed in your SDC booklets as well so there’s no need to bring this information with you.

Okinawa Prefectural Education Center
沖縄県立総合教育センター (Okinawa kenritsu sougou kyouiku sentaa)
〒904-2174 沖縄県 沖縄市与儀3丁目11番1号
See here for a more detailed step-by-step set of directions to the Education Center via car/bus.
Please park at the Comprehensive Athletic Park next door.  If you are being dropped off, we ask that you get dropped off at the gates to the center.

Building map: H29 Booklet (p21) 教育センター MAP (2017)

Dress Code
The SDC is a formal business conference, so formal business attire is required.  Kariyushi will also be allowed. For the men, no shorts please. For women, please keep in mind that some rooms may be too warm for a jacket. In other words, there will likely be no A/C so everyone please be prepared.

Attendance for each workshop is mandatory and will be strictly monitored throughout the conference.
Please be sure to check your name off on the sign-in sheet as you enter each workshop.  If you miss a workshop (or do not check your name off), your school or office will receive a call from our division (this policy will also apply to JTEs) so please be absolutely sure you attend and sign-in for each workshop!

You may not switch workshops during the SDC. Some workshops were very popular, and unfortunately we could not accommodate everyone’s 1st choice. Presenters and moderators have worked very hard putting their workshops together. It would be inconsiderate to switch workshops and inconvenience those who created lessons, activities, and print outs based on the number of attendees registered.

The Facilities
Please treat the Education Center like your local library.  Food and drinks are not allowed in any of the rooms*.  Please be sure to take all of your trash with you when you leave as well. Also, there are people working and other events taking place while we’re using the facilities.  Please keep the noise down between workshops and don’t congregate in large groups in the hallways or outside of the buildings.

*We have been given special permission this year to eat in two of the rooms during lunch time. One room is open to the general population and the other is for the OkiAJET lunch session. Feel free to bring a bento, but make sure you take all your trash home with you.