The following is a step-by-step post by OkiAJET on how to do a furikomi. The information has been modified to assist with furikomi done outside of OkiAJET events.

Step 1
To begin insert your card in to the machine, you can normally do this at any bank if you have a card and the dexterity to insert it into the admittedly tiny slot. step1
Step 2
After inserting your card select the option that says 「お振り込み」from the options. This is the option for a money transfer, and what we’re into today. step2
Step 3
Next select the option that says 「お振込先入力」, as shown by our lovely hand model. This translates to “wire transfer account information input.” step3
Step 4
After that, you will need to find the bank you need to wire transfer money too. The most common banks used on JET is:

琉球銀行 (Ryukyu Ginko)
沖縄銀行 (Okinawa Ginko)
三菱東京UFJ銀行 (Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Ginko)

If you can’t find your bank on the first page, please select 「その他」 to look up your bank.

Step 5
After you find the bank, you will then need to input the branch of the account you will be transferring money into. step5
Step 6
After you select the branch name, please input the account number. When you are finished select 「確認」 to confirm. step6
Step 7
After confirming the account number, you will need to input the amount to transfer. When you are finished, select 「確認」 to confirm. step7
Step 8
Next we need to put in a name to be attached to the money. Hit the top option that says 「ご依頼人番号」 and input your name. step8
Step 9
Input your name and when you are finished, select 「確認」 to confirm. step9
Step 10
Okay, you made it! All you need to do here is confirm that all the information you’ve inputted is accurate, and then finally hit the green 「確認」 button to confirm and send the money. step10

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